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Choosing to have plastic surgery is a big decision. Most reasonable people who seek plastic surgery have long considered the process and wish to make safe changes in their appearance. The reasons they seek an elective operation are many. Whatever your personal reasons may be, it is important before proceeding that you consider both the advantages and the disadvantages. While the advantages of plastic surgery can be life-changing and very positive, the disadvantages can be equally so, despite the best and most diligent of efforts. It remains a truism that plastic surgery can transform your body in ways unparalleled by other options. Amongst the benefits of cosmetic surgery are enhanced self-esteem associated with an improved body self-image; and while all of life’s substance does not lie in the physical, the restorative aspects which result from plastic surgery have helped countless numbers of patients. Quality of life, not just vanity, is at the core of the decision-making for the vast majority of plastic surgery patients. Simply said, for some it is a matter of feeling good in your own skin. Perhaps you feel your nose is too large and that rhinoplasty may be the road to improvement. Perhaps you have wrinkles that make you feel old and you want to achieve the restorative effects of facelift or neck-lift surgery. Whatever the reason, the emotional rewards from plastic surgery can often outstrip the physical ones. Of course, the contrary can be said when a patient’s expectations are unmet and emotional disappointment overshadows a decent result that has not lived up to a patient’s preconceived notions. There is also the possibility that you will not be happy with the result despite best efforts. This could be due to surgical limitations, vagaries of healing, or even unrealistic expectations. In addition, the overall disadvantages of any surgical procedure need to be considered. As with all surgery, the risk is real. There can be problems with general anesthesia or infection; and there can be even more serious or even fatal events. That said, millions of people have achieved personal life goals with the aid of plastic surgery. Dr. Minoli recognizes that secondary plastic surgery likely occurs in at least 10% of cases worldwide, even higher when minor imperfections are considered. In other words, every plastic surgeon under the sun & moon deals with healing issues. Dr. Minoli maintains a fair policy professionally commensurate with other plastic surgeons in dealing with secondary procedures. Postoperative imperfections are part of the natural reality of plastic surgery; and a good mutual rapport between the patient and the doctor (i.e., a two-way street) is often the key to a patient’s eventual satisfying result. Many notable plastic surgeons around the world report: When patients run to blog-message-boards instead of back to their doctors and staffs, those patients are usually courting insoluble discontent. Dr. Minoli is a board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon who believes that a surgeon’s spending time with patients & actively listening to them are hallmarks of quality care. If you are wondering if plastic surgery is right for you, please schedule a complimentary consultation. We offer a courtesy consultation at the Minoli Plastic Surgery Clinic. Your prospective procedure will be explained in detail. We hope and strive to provide you with answers to your questions in educating you about the overall treatment process. And we hope and strive to provide quality care with integrity and compassion.

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